FPrime 3

The enormous success of FPrime was entirely due to its revolutionary change to LightWave's workflow. Since that release, we've improved nearly every part of the software, all with the focused goal of boosting LightWave workflow even more. Users have sent literally hundreds of ideas and requests for improving FPrime. FPrime 3 delivers all four of the top demands, tightening LightWave integration, culminating in FPrime 3.

LightWave 9.2's powerful new Node texturing system goes far beyond LightWave's older surface textures. Nodes include not only texturing, but also advanced shaders and new materials. FPrime 3's core has a new surface engine, rewritten to emulate and support all Node types. Surfaces in FPrime 3 accurately render interactively, even complex node graphs. Node shaders and materials, including the advanced raytracing types, are all supported. You can see and edit even Dielectric, SSS, Skin, and Sigma surfaces interactively with FPrime 3!

LightWave 9.2 also has a new versatile camera system, including not just camera types like Orthographic, but also different rendering modes like the Advanced camera (good for generating environment maps) and surface baking tools. FPrime 3 fully supports all of these cameras as well. One FPrime window might show a closeup view of your characters face, and simultaneously, another FPrime window is showing a real-time baked view of that face's UV map.

FPrime's already-fast raytracing engine has been updated to provide even more speed, even better multithreading, and optimized memory use. The core data structures have been reorganized to efficiently support 64 bit LightWave without doubling RAM use.

An unsupported bonus tool, WSN, allows network rendering with FPrime 3. The WSN launcher creates remote Screamernet nodes that look and act like LightWave's "LWSN" nodes, but use FPrime's rendering engine.