FPrime Network Rendering

FPrime even has a method to network rendering using the FPrime render engine. FPrime will actually emulate a LightWave Screamernet node, making it a drop-in replacement for LightWave's own Screamernet nodes. Your studio network rendering pipeline won't need to change, even if you're using proprietary scripts or controllers.

FPrime and LightWave Limitations

LightWave's programming interface (the SDK) provides information to third party plugins like FPrime. Unfortunately its design does not directly support replacement rendering systems. This limits the capabilities of tools like FPrime since LightWave does not share all features of its scene information. The most noticeable limits are no shader or image plugin support,, so these effects simply do not appear in FPrime. These limits currently include our Sasquatch plugins. Other limits are LightWave glow and lens flares. The FPrime manual has a more detailed list of supported and unsupported features.