• FPrime

    Realtime rendering, giving you instant feedback on every step of your work. Interactive texturing, lighting, shadows and radiosity. Even Nodes! The key tool to efficient LightWave workflow.

  • G2

    Advanced shading and lighting algorithms designed to give you new options for your LightWave surfaces. Use alone or with FPrime.

  • Sasquatch

    Photoreal hair, fur, and grass. Unmatched speed, powerful texturing, and versatile rendering make this tool essential to the serious LightWave animator.

  • Taft

    Camera matching, image based rendering, interactive dynamics, weapons fire, and heat distortion! Six professional tools for studio production.

  • Polk

    33 plugins give LightWave new power! Dynamic parenting, surface effect texturing, character animation, motion dynamics, lens compensation, and dozens more.